The DayLift is a new, innovative procedure that may remove 10 or more years from your appearance during a single, one-hour procedure, with minimal time from your normal activities. DayLift is a true lift that supports the skin, connective tissue, and muscles instead of only tightening the facial skin. Often performed under local anesthesia, the DayLift provides natural-appearing results with less bruising and swelling than more extensive procedures.

Although the results can sometimes be dramatic, the DayLift cannot produce the results of a more extensive facelift. It cannot remove asymmetries, wrinkles, or stop the aging process.

Dr. Langsdon developed the DayLift for the patient who might not need or might not want a full-lower facelift. It takes about one hour, and most patients return to light activities much sooner than with a full-lower facelift.


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