What Is A Mid-Face Lift?

A mid-face lift treats the sagging of the upper cheeks and the surrounding area. The traditional facelift may fully improve the upper cheek and lower eyelid areas of the face, which often sink in, or flatten, and sag with age.

A mid-face lift elevates the upper cheek, improving fullness to the area below the eyes and upper cheeks, helping restore a refreshed fullness, more like that found in younger people. A mid-face lift is quicker than a traditional facelift. It can enhance the cheek bone area and improve the smile lines.

Who Is A Candidate For A Mid-Face Lift?

Individuals who appear “sunken in” below the eyes and in the upper cheek area; who have a hollowness below the eyes and a sagging in the upper cheeks.

How Is A Mid-Face Lift Performed?

If a full face lift is not needed at the same time as a mid-face lift, only minimal incisions are needed around the hairline and ear. Sutures are then used to elevate the sagging upper cheek. Sometimes, a lower eyelid procedure may be needed to raise the muscle below the lower eyelid and reposition fat. The surgery usually takes about two hours, and is done under twilight IV sedation (with anesthesia like when undergoing a colonoscopy), and is done in an out-patient setting. Patients may return home when they leave the out-patient treatment facility.

What Results Can I Expect?

There is some swelling and possible bruising that mostly resolves in the first week to 10 days; there may be some minimal residual swelling that may take several weeks to resolve; the amount depends on how extensive the procedure needs to be to improve a patient’s particular issue. There is minimal post treatment tenderness that is easily relieved by mild medications

What Is Involved In Recovery?

We ask patients to keep their head elevated and sleep on 2 to three pillows for 14 days. You may shower as you normally do when the sedation medications are worn off. Don’t plan on driving for 48 hours after treatment. Someone should stay with you for at least 24 hours following surgery.

Ideal Candidates For A Mid-Face Lift Procedure

Call The Langsdon Clinic to find out if you are a good candidate and to discuss your possible mid-face lift outcomes. Dr. Phillip Langsdon is a facial plastic surgeon with over 23 years of experience bringing beauty and youth to Tennessee residents.