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Meet Dr. Langsdon

Dr. Langsdon is the only surgeon in the Mid-South whose surgical practice is limited to plastic surgery of the face and nose.


A Specialist in Facial Cosmetic Surgery For Over 25 Years

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Phillip LangsdonFor over 25 years Phillip Langsdon, M.D., F.A.C.S. has provided world-class expertise in facial cosmetic surgery. A tenured and full Professor, physician, surgeon, teacher, author and a pioneering expert in facial cosmetic surgery, he is a leader in his field.

He was voted a member of “America’s Top Plastic Surgeons” and “America’s Best Doctors”.  He has also been listed a one of America’s Top Facial Plastic Surgeons in Delta Sky Magazine’s America’s Top Doctor’s. Dr. Langsdon is the only surgeon in this area of the nation whose practice has been limited to plastic surgery of the face since he began practice over 26 years ago.

Dr. Langsdon has appeared on “The Today Show”, “CSPAN”, “Headline News”, “National Public Radio” and in numerous local and national media. He has given well over 100 medical presentations from coast to coast in the U.S. and in Canada. He has directed a national Continuing Medical Education program for facial aesthetic surgeons for 19 years and has numerous publications (journal articles, book chapters, and a medical textbook) on topics ranging from chemical peel to facelift and rhinoplasty.

meph-most-2013Whether someone wishes to restore a youthful facial appearance or improve facial structure, patients come from all across the nation as well as several foreign countries to seek service at The Langsdon Clinic. Dr. Langsdon specializes in cosmetic surgery of the face and nose, as well as revision cases that are referred to our clinic.

Seeing each person’s face as unique and providing natural looking results, Dr. Langsdon treats the common and the complicated cases. Each patient is treated with personal attention and dedication.

World class expertise in Facelift, Rhinoplasty (nose surgery), Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), Skin Resurfacing (chemical peel or laser), Otoplasty (surgery for prominent ears), Chin Augmentation, Lip Reduction, Lip Enlargement, and  Hair Transplantation, is provided right here in Memphis, Tennessee.

Most all cosmetic surgery can be accomplished on-site. The Langsdon Clinic has operated a state of Tennessee licensed surgical center since 1993. Dr. Langsdon and his team of experts use state-of-the-art equipment and believe in providing natural results, compassionate care, in a comfortable, personal, private, and convenient atmosphere.

The Langsdon Clinic staff also provides expert non-surgical facial aesthetics, such as neuro-modulation (Botox, Dysport), dermal fillers and customized medical grade skincare. Dr. Langsdon directs medical education programs that teach other providers the latest techniques in facial injections and skin improvement. Because we specialize in the face, we have a deep understanding of non-surgical techniques as well. The Langsdon Clinic was the first clinic in the Mid-South to both study and later provide Botox treatments.  The Langsdon Clinic was also one of the first clinics in the U.S. to participate in many of the injectable filler test programs. As with our surgical recommendations, we will recommend only what we feel is beneficial to our patients. Unlike most “medical spas” across the country, our staff does not receive sales commissions.

Our clinic is convenient for those who live in the region as well as those who travel from abroad. Easy access through Memphis International Airport provides non-stop service from most major metropolitan airports. Located in the heart of “old” Germantown, the clinic is conveniently surrounded by hotels within a 3 to 5 minute drive.

For more information on Dr. Langsdon, please see the “Dr. Langsdon” page on this web site.


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"It was a great experience I'm very happy with my decision and I recommend Dr. Langsdon with all my heart."


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