While many people talk about the Liquid Face Lift – RENEWlift™, it is not actually a lifting procedure. It is really a Facial Re-Inflation procedure. It may give the appearance of lifting the smile lines or other areas of the face.

Three things happen as our faces age. We develop sags and bags, we develop wrinkles, and lose volume in the face. The volume loss contributes substantially to the aged, tired, worn out look that occurs over time. Surgery helps the sags and bags. Chemical Peeling and medical grade skin care can help the wrinkles. However, neither of these will replace the facial fullness that was present in youth.

With age, the temples sink in. A groove develops beneath the eyes. An oblique depression occurs in the cheeks. And, deep grooves develop along the smile lines that occur to the side of the mouth and chin. Replacing the lost volume can restore a great deal of the youthful fullness.

The RENEWlift™ is not a single treatment – but rather a non-surgical process that utilizes various dermal fillers, Botox® (Dysport®, Xeomin®) and possible skin resurfacing. The fillers provide long-lasting, safe and natural looking results. Some of the advanced fillers include: Sculptra® Aesthetic®, Radiesse®, Restylane®, Juvéderm® Ultra Plus® and Perlane®. Most of the dermal fillers used are developed from substances that are natural or well tolerated by the human body. Some of these products actually help you build your own collagen.









Several products are on the market that do a very good job improving these facial depressions. They can last from six months to about two years. If one undergoes a complete correction of volume loss, occasional simple maintenance injections may help sustain the look.

Hyaluronic acid fillers are excellent for the tear troughs and smile lines. Poly-lactic acid and hydroxyl apetite fillers are usually placed deeper and last longer. They may be more of a help for the areas of large volume loss. Also, some of these products actually help you build your own collagen. From that consideration we can deduce that the fullness may be considered semi-permanent and that the loss of volume over time may be the result of continued aging. Simple touch up injections have the potential to maintain the facial fullness.

Fat has also been used to re-inflate the face, but the resorption of the transplanted fat is somewhat unpredictable and if additional fat filler is needed the patient must go through a re-harvesting procedure. While fat injection has been around a while, the technology is still evolving and we have found the new non-fat products to be very dependable, more cost effective, and to produce excellent results.

The important point to remember is that any single of the three treatment categories described above will improve only what it is designed to improve: Surgery helps with sags and bags, chemical peeling helps the wrinkles, but “fillers” are required to replace the natural fullness of youth that is lost over time. The Liquid Face Lift – RENEWlift™ is only a part of an overall treatment plan to create a more youthful facial appearance.