Sagging in the neck area can cause one to look old, tired, or overweight. The neck can lose its natural shape from years of sun exposure, weight loss, weight gain and the aging process. This can often be improved with a cosmetic procedure known as a neck lift. Undergoing a neck lift can bring about subtle changes in a patient’s appearance by providing a more youthful neck contour. It can sometimes deliver a boost of confidence.

Your surgeon will make a small incision under the chin and quite possibly behind and/or in front of the ears. The muscles may be tightened and fat removed.

Memphis neck lift candidates should schedule a consultation with an experienced neck lift surgeon at the Langsdon Clinic to discuss your options. After your consultation you’ll understand the procedure and what the neck lift can accomplish.

Ideal Neck Lift Candidate

Typically, our ideal Memphis neck lift candidates are in their forties to seventies but it is not uncommon for younger people who have undergone rapid weight loss. An ideal candidate will have some elasticity to their skin and be in good health. It is also important for the candidate to have a realistic expectation of the outcome of the procedure.

Recovery and Results

Following the neck lift procedure patients are advised to avoid vigorous activity or turning their head from side to side for about 14 days. Although the procedure and healing process is fairly easy for most patients, excessive neck movement needs to be avoided so that the neck tissues have time to heal
properly. There may be some temporary mild bruising and swelling.