Hydrating your skin is essential during the cold, dry winter months. The Langsdon Clinic created this infographic on 10 beauty tips to stay beautiful and glowing in the winter. Have beautiful, healthy skin all season long by following these helpful tips!

  1. To protect your skin, switch to a gentl cream cleanser for the winter season.
  2. Opt for a thick, hydrating body cream instead of runny lotions to lock in moisture.
  3. Try skincare products with an ingredient called ceramides to help repair cracks.
  4. When cortisone cream is used for inflammation, use for no more than two weeks.
  5. Try a hydrating sleeping mask to maximize the benefits of night time skincare.
  6. Try using a natural oil as a facial moisturizer to unlock natural skincare benefits.
  7. Don’t forget to use a hydrating lip balm or lip butter regularly to avoid chapped lips.
  8. Get a moisturizing body wash to use daily for extra in-shower hydration.
  9. Stick to lukewarm showers instead of hot baths which can dry out your skin.
  10. Use alcohol-free hand sanitizers, so you don’t end up with constant dried, cracked hands.

For more winter beauty tips, please contact The Langsdon Clinic.

Winter Beauty Tips