Hair restoration is a minor surgical procedure that is done on an out-patient basis. This procedure is intended to address male pattern baldness and hair loss in females. Dr. Langsdon has created this graphic on 5 things you should know about hair restoration. This graphic discusses the cause of hair loss and details on how the hair restoration procedure is performed. To learn more about hair restoration surgery, please contact The Langsdon Clinic to schedule a consultation.

  1. Male Pattern Baldness (Androgenetic Alopecia) is the cause of 95% of hair loss or hair thinning in males.
  2. Hair loss may occur in up to 30% of females. When it occurs in females, it is usually more diffused rather than more localized.
  3. Hair restoration has been used successfully for 50 years, and new refinements in methods continue to help improve results.
  4. It is a minor surgical procedure that moves grafts of hair from the back and sides of the head to the bald areas of the front of the scalp.
  5. It actually transplants the roots of the hair, and the hair follicles produce hair for as long as they would have in their original site.

5 Things to Know About Hair Restoration